About Us

MineVital is the unique brand of Molina Laboratories which has positioned for Muslim Women’s cosmetic & medical needs and their solutions.

Who we are

As a research and laboratory company, Molina Cosmetics, specialized in developing and positioning its brands to meet the specific desires of our target consumers, working determinedly towards attaining market leadership since 2014.

All of our innovative cosmetic products under MineVital brand are formulated, positioned and produced especially for Muslim Women. We are happy to offer highest quality cosmetics with most competitive prices to our partners and consumers with GMP certificate & ISO 9001-2008 standards.


Utilizing our affiliate-company relationship with Worldwide Marketing Consultants to access a global network and gain immediate and professional distribution in our targeted regions.


Create special cosmetic and derma-cosmetic products for the consumer who has special problems due to their homeland climates, cultural differences or just their traditional or daily trends to let them have special solutions for their cosmetic problems and make them feel more confident in their lives.