Minevital products are approved by the internationally recognized ISQ, Halal Food Standard and Halal Cosmetics Standard (MS and SMIIC).

You can view our halal certificate from the link below:

Unlike ordinary nail polishes, Minevital nail polishes consist of a coating with nanometer-sized spaces i.e. breathable microscopic holes in the inner and outer layers of the polish.

While the outer layer of nail polish is called a permeable membrane, its inner structure has a porous structure.

The real magic is in the molecular bond that creates the openings in the nail polish recipe. While some of the thermoplastic polymers, which are often used in breathable nail polishes, prevent blocking, some help to move away from obstacles. The distance between the blocked creates a kind of microscopic passage called amorph, and amorphs allow water particles to pass through the nail polish and touch the nail arch. Therefore, your nails keep in contact with water while using Minevital nail polishes, allowing you to perform ablution.

One of the most important features of holding a Halal Certificate is to prove the air and water permeability of the nail polish as a result of the tests. It has been proven by the tests carried out by SGS France, the world’s most important surveillance, inspection and certification body, that the air and water permeability of Minevital nail polishes is 17% higher compared to its closest competitor and they do not contain Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, ethyl tosylamide and paraben, and therefore Minevital brand has been approved for the Halal Certificate. SGS Laboratory tests indicate that Minevital nail polishes have a water permeability of 0.033% and it takes 15 seconds for water to pass through the two coatings in the nail polish.

Minevital Nail Polishes are subjected to scientific tests in the laboratory environment. Therefore, experiments carried out in the home environment may not always provide correct results.

(You can watch the experiment video on our social media account.)

The costs of the raw materials used in Minevital nail polishes are considerably higher than standard nail polishes since they provide water and air permeability. In addition, our nail polishes have the GMP Certificate, which proves that our production process is above the quality standards.

(You can access our GMP certificate from the link below.)

Traditional nail polishes are dominated by crystalline polymers that make up the layers in their structure, which makes it impossible for water to penetrate the nails. Therefore, they cause yellowing, weakening and breaking of the nails. However, Minevital nail polishes have a permeable and breathable structure, unlike traditional nail polishes, thus the rate of breakage and yellowing is quite low compared to other nail polishes.

Our products do not have a vegan certificate; however, all of our products undergo a vegan friendly production. Our products do not contain animal ingredients and are not tested on animals during the production process.

All of our products are cruelty free and there is no testing or experimentation on animals. Molina Laboratories is a brand that is sensitive to animal- and nature-friendliness.

Regarding permeable nail polish, it is important to understand that the argument about halal is based on its porous nature. Permeable nail polish does not stay on the nail as a rigid structure. It is porous, meaning it contains microscopic passages and gaps that allow water to pass through the paint and moisten the nail arch.

Cleanliness and water treatment are two important criteria for the validity of ablution in Fiqh al-tahara (the morality of purity before prayer). The waterproof problem of nail polish is mentioned in the English translation of the Hanafi handbook Nur al-Idah (Light of Illumination). In the Wesam Charkawi translation of Nur al-Idah, oily substances such as beeswax and body oil are compared to nail polish.

These are also mentioned in Hasan Shurunbulali’s original Nur al-Idah script. Shurunbulali mentions that candles and oily substances make ablution invalid.

Allah says: When a faithful servant makes ablution and rinses his mouth, wrong deeds abandon him. If he rinses his nose, wrong deeds abandon him. When he washes his face, wrong deeds abandon him even from beneath his eyelashes. When he washes his hands, wrong deeds abandon him, otherwise they even stay under his nails. When he wipes his head, wrong deeds abandon him even from his ears. And when he washes his feet, wrong deeds abandon him even from beneath his toenails.

“Allah does not intend to create difficulty for you (by ordering ablution and ghusl). But wants to purify you and complete his blessing to you. Perhaps you will be grateful.”


As it is stated in the above surah, our religion commands, ‘”Make it easy, do not make it difficult”. This technology, which we have benefited from, has also been used in other companies around the world, and it is a proven technology and serves to make things easier. While we provide this service, we keep our return conditions extremely flexible in order not to cause people to sin and to have a clear conscience, and we immediately accept the returns of our consumers who have somehow lost their faith in our nail polishes (even after receiving our product).
The preference belongs to the consumers because there is no compulsion or insistence in religion and faith. No one can come between the servant and Allah.

According to our research, we have seen that the variety of cosmetic brands and products that meet the needs of Muslim women is almost non-existent.


As Minevital, our priority in our innovative work that we have started in order to meet this deficiency and need is that Muslim women can use cosmetic products with peace of mind while performing their prayers, and find solutions to their personal care and health problems. However, our effort to offer health and beauty together in all of our products, of course, includes all women of the world. We aim to ensure that your nails are well-cared and healthy thanks to the water-permeable and breathable structure of our nail polishes with 50 unique color options, to put an end to your hair and skin problems with the unique content of our shampoos specially selected and formulated for you, and to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays with sunscreens.

All of our products are designed with the latest technology, suitable for daily and frequent use without any harmful substances. Our shampoos and conditioners help you to safely care for your hair every day with a variety of completely natural ingredients that heal hair and skin such as almond oil, keratin, tea tree oil, antioxidant, climbazole, lemon extract, garlic, hexapeptide and argan oil, rich in vitamin D and iron.

While producing our shampoos and conditioners, our main goal is to especially find solutions to the hair and skin problems experienced by Muslim women. We attach importance to the fact that our products provide a vibrant, bright and healthy appearance to your hair without harming you and your skin, and we continue to offer you the sensitivity we show to your health and the cleanliness of our ingredients with the necessary certificates.

It has been proven by scientific studies that deficiency of vitamin D, which is not found in our body naturally and is synthesized in our body under the impact of solar rays, is more common in women of Muslim countries. In addition, according to the World Health Organization, while the iron deficiency observed in men reaches the level of 20%, this rate reaches 40% in women.

Iron deficiency due to anemia, B12 and folic acid deficiency brings with it results such as pale skin, weakness and fatigue in the body, wounds around the mouth and hair loss. (See: Iron Deficiency and Hair Health in Women)

Minevital shampoos are formulated with herbal, chemical and most importantly fermented actives with the aim to find solutions to all these problems, and offer the highest quality cosmetic products for Muslim women to maintain their beauty and hair health in the long term.

You can access our products from Minevital Website: www.minevital.com

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Minevital Sunscreens are included in the dermacosmetic product category and are carefully designed with drone technology. Its ingredients are extremely clean and natural. Substances that may irritate your skin are carefully removed. Ingredients of the types suitable for your skin type;

Anti-aging sunscreen contains cucumber extract

vitamın C, hyaluronic acid;

Pure White anti-spot sunscreen contains Niacinamide;

And anti-acne sunscreen contains Salicylic Acid. Minevital sunscreens do not contain paraben and colourant.

Experts recommend using sunscreen during all 4 seasons in order to protect against the harmful effects of the sun. Studies indicate that sunscreens between 15 and 50 SPF should be used. While SPF 15 protects your skin from ultraviolet rays by 90%, this rate increases to 98% in SPF 50. In addition, the protection duration increases according to the SPF degree, and you can keep your skin under protection from the harmful effects of the sun for a longer time with 50 factor sunscreens.

The ingredients of Minevital Sunscreens are designed to be anti-aging, suitable for all skin types. In addition, our products are suitable for those who have skin problems (acne prone, etc.). To support your skin care, you can examine our product range and choose the option that suits your skin type.

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