Minevital Nail Polish

Traditional nail polishes are dominated by crystalline polymers that make up the layers in their structure, which makes it impossible for water to penetrate the nails. Nail structure, which is covered with a thick layer of varnish and does not allow breathing, starts to turn yellow, separate into layers and break easily.

Minevital nail polishes are produced with O2 technology, which has been successfully studied around the world, and allow nails to pass water and breathe with their porous structure. With its proven air and water permeability as a result of the tests carried out by SGS France, Halal Certified Minevital nail polishes allow you to perform your ablutions and worship easily, while at the same time aiming for Muslim women to have healthier and more well-groomed nails with 50 different color options.

Minevital Shampoo and Conditioner

Although wearing a headscarf helps to protect the hair from the harmful effects of solar rays, wind and air pollution, it creates certain disadvantages in terms of health. It has been proven as a result of studies conducted all over the world that muscle, bone and skin problems caused by vitamin D and iron deficiency, which are not naturally found in our body and synthesized by the effect of sun rays, are more common among women who wear headscarves.

Problems such as excessive wear, hair loss, inflammation of hair follicles, loss of shine, itching and unpleasant odor may occur in hair that is covered for a long time. Considering all these problems, Minevital offers consumers the best quality shampoos and conditioners formulated with herbal, chemical and fermented actives in order to ensure that Muslim women maintain their hair health in the long term without sacrificing their comfort.

Minevital Sunscreen

One of the biggest challenges experienced by Muslim women, especially those living in regions with intense solar impact, is sunburn (hijab tanning) caused by bonnet or shawl when covering the hair. Minevital’s 50 SPF sunscreens, which stand out with their light and thin structure, help protect Muslim women from the harmful effects of the sun, while offering an innovative solution that prevents the staining caused by the headscarf by soothing the skin without causing a greasy feeling.